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Which exhibit is considered the pearl of the Louvre

Which exhibit is considered the pearl of the Louvre

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In today's Louvre - about 400 thousand exhibits: paintings, sculptures, ceramics, objects of decorative art, jewelry ... But there are exhibits that everyone who comes to the museum certainly wants to see. They are world famous and truly priceless.

Among them - Aphrodite of Milos. In 1820, one Greek peasant found her in the land on the island of Milos, in the Aegean Sea. Therefore, the statue is called Milos, but often replace the name of Aphrodite with Venus, as the goddess called the Romans.

Equally beautiful is the statue of the goddess of victory - Nika of Samothrace. It was found without a head and hands on another Greek island - Samothrace, and it was created in about 190 BC. A very good place was chosen for her in the Louvre: visitors climb up a long staircase to Nika and more clearly see the folds of her clothes, as if fluttering in the wind, and wings spread proudly behind her back ...

And from the great variety of paintings the pearl of the Louvre, of course, is considered a portrait of Mona Lisa, noble Florentine, wife of a politician Francesco di Bartolomeo di Zanobi del Giocondo (hence the second name of the picture - "The Mona Lisa"), painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

This picture has some incomprehensible, supernatural secret. This "work is wonderful, because life itself could not be different," wrote one of his contemporaries, amazed at the skill of Leonardo da Vinci. How this was possible is the secret of the great artist.

And the fate of the picture fell extraordinary, "royal." Its first owner was Francis I. When the other king, Louis XIV, built Versailles, the Mona Lisa decorated one of its halls. In 1800, Napoleon ordered to hang her in his bedroom in the Tuileries Palace ...

But in 1804, the painting was exhibited in Grand Gallery of the Napoleon Museum and has since become a permanent exhibit of the Louvre. Hundreds of millions of people saw her during this time. Sometimes the "Mona Lisa" goes on long trips to museums in other countries. She had a chance to visit Moscow, at the A.S. Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin. Muscovites stood in line for hours to see the great Leonardo’s masterpiece “alive”.

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