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Polytechnical Museum in Moscow, Russia

Polytechnical Museum in Moscow, Russia

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Another very famous museum - Polytechnic Museum in Moscow. It was organized in connection with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Peter I, and the organizers tried to present the best domestic achievements of the technology at that time.

In the railway department, for example, they demonstrated a specially built passenger station with a steam locomotive and wagons on rails, in the maritime department - a real ship. At the exhibition, machine tools, telegraph machines, sewing machines and many other technical innovations of that time were shown. The exhibition lasted three months and enjoyed tremendous success. Therefore, it was decided to create on its basis a permanent technical museum.

At first it was located in one of the houses on the Moscow street Prechistenka and was called Museum of Applied Knowledge. However, the room was cramped, many exhibits had to be kept in the basements, where visitors could not get. Finally, the Moscow City Council allocated for the construction of the museum building a section between Lubyanka Square and the Ilyinsky Gate, along the stone wall of Kitai Gorod. The first part of the building was completed in 1877, and entirely - after 30 years, in 1907. Since then, to this day New Square in Moscow operates the Polytechnic Museum.

If its very first exhibits were, for their time, the latest technological advances that struck contemporaries, then by the beginning of the third millennium they, of course, had already become a distant history. But museum funds for more than a hundred years were replenished with new, more advanced - again, for their time - exhibits. Therefore, comparing them, the visitor can trace how various mechanisms, machines, devices, devices, and even entire industrial sectors, such as metallurgy or mining, have changed over the years and decades. The museum’s exhibition today has unique collections of watches, cameras, bicycles, radios, microscopes, light bulbs, arithmometers, physical instruments, scales, typewriters, gramophones ... Even car collection can be seen, and its main attraction is the first Russian car Russo-Balt.

But there are more modern collections, for example space. It dates back to 1957, when the first artificial satellite was launched in the USSR. The first exhibit of the “space” hall was a large rotating globe of the Earth, around which a miniature spacecraft was flying in orbit and transmitting radio signals. Now, the museum has collected space suits of astronauts, models of spacecraft, their individual nodes.

Like any other museum, the Polytechnic is constantly replenishing its funds. One of the sources for this is ... old houses and apartments. Often there are old cameras, receivers, gramophones, dusting for decades on mezzanines or in closets. If such instances are not yet in museum collections, the find can be a very valuable addition. It was in this way that some old scales, radio tubes, bicycles, and typewriters got into the Polytechnic Museum.

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