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Baptism of Christ, Andrea Verrocchio and da Vinci

Baptism of Christ, Andrea Verrocchio and da Vinci

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Baptism of Christ - Andrea Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci. 177x151

Being primarily a sculptor, Andrea Verrocchio (1435 / 1436-1488) carried out paintings with interruptions, as a result of which he could not finish one of his paintings - “The Baptism of Christ”. He asked to complete the work begun by his student Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), a young man who had already achieved great success by that time, although he remained in the teacher’s workshop. The central figures and the angel on the right were already painted in the typical manner of Verrocchio - a dry, linear, with exquisite silhouettes of figures.

Leonardo portrayed an angel standing on the left, but he did not use tempera as a teacher, but oil paints that dry longer and allow you to convey soft chiaroscuro, to envelop the image with a light haze. So was born then became famous Leonardovskoy technique "sfumato". The artist also painted a part of the landscape behind the angels, the basis for which was his drawing with the image of the Arno river valley. The work of the young painter struck Verrocchio and became so popular that copies were made from this group of angels.

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