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Bringing to the Temple, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, 1342

Bringing to the Temple, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, 1342

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Bringing to the Temple - Ambrogio Lorenzetti. 257x168

The master from Siena, Ambrogio Lorenzetti (circa 1290-1348) created this altar, from which only the central part has survived, for the Siena Cathedral.

The Gothic interior of the church - the action at Lorenzetti takes place in the cathedral, for which the altar was intended - is combined with "antique" sculptures on the facade, for example, with winged geniuses supporting a garland. The solemnity of the stage is emphasized by the bright, sonorous colors of the clothes and architectural elements, and with this high fret, the details written down in an amazing way harmonize - the robe of the high priest, the sacrificial doves in his hand, the capitals of the columns, the mosaic adorning the church.

Elder Simeon holds the Infant Christ in his arms and prophesies about him with trepidation, but Mary, hearing his words, is sad and lost in herself. All other characters who listen to the elder are also endowed with their emotions. This desire to express the feelings of the depicted, to write their figures was voluminous enough was an undoubted sign of the approaching Renaissance.

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