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Battle of San Romano, Paolo Ucccello

Battle of San Romano, Paolo Ucccello

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Battle of San Romano - Paolo Ucccello. 180x323

The presented painting by the artist of the quattrocento Paolo Uccello (circa 1397-1475) is one of three that he wrote on this subject and was at the forefront of the battle genre in European art. All these works, commissioned by Leonardo Bartolini Salimbeni, who took part in the battle, depict moments of the battle of the Florentines with the Sienans, which happened in 1432.

In the painting “The Battle of San Romano” the Florentine knight with a spear knocks Bernardino della Charda from the saddle of the leader of the enemy army. The leader of the Florentines, Niccolo da Tolentino, riding a white horse, has already knocked down one of the enemies on the ground. There is a battle going around, "horses and people have mixed up in a heap," spears and crossbows will fly, knights and their weapons fly to the ground.

The whole scene is also stressed by the fact that many figures fit in a small space, and the composition is deliberately cut off by the frame along the edges, which makes it seem close to it. Uccello depicts his characters in a variety of poses. Probably, in order to practice this skill, he set to work. The red horse on the left, galloping away, gray, with a knight falling with it, white, on which the leader of the Florentines sits, shows how the artist coped with difficult angles and perspectives. The dynamism of the whole scene is emphasized by color, in which bright, pure colors collide.

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