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Self Portrait, Rafael Santi, 1506

Self Portrait, Rafael Santi, 1506

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Self portrait - Rafael Santi. 47,5x33

A young man with an inspired face, the face of a young genius - such is Rafael (1483-1520), looking at us from a self-portrait. From his appearance emanate calm and heavenly harmony, which distinguishes the entire painting of the artist. The color of this picture is emphasized restrained - a neutral background, dark hair, the same hat. Between a dark robe and warm skin, a narrow white strip of a shirt is visible - in this subtle transition from deaf black to lively tones of the face and neck - all of Rafael, who felt the deepest laws of painting.

The self-portrait, very similar to this one, only in a mirror spread, the artist placed on the fresco "The School of Athens" (1508-1511) in the Vatican "Stanza della Senyatura": on the right in the image of the ancient Greek painter Apelles you can see the same high poetry look of Raphael.

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