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Venus Urbinsk - Titian Vecellio

Venus Urbinsk - Titian Vecellio

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Venus Urbinskaya - Titian Vecellio. 119x165

An antique theme, often arising in the work of Titian, allowed this vibrant Venetian to throw on the canvas all his admiration for the world and the ability to appreciate its beauty. The master loved antiquity as something alive and therefore boldly placed the characters of Greek or Roman mythology in his contemporary setting.

His “Venus”, acquired by Guidobaldo della Rovere, the Duke of Urbinsky and therefore received its current name, represents a young Venetian, a beautiful woman with a lively look, delicate body and golden hair. Her posture reminds of the classical type “Venus Pudica”, that is, “bashful,” but this girl, if a little embarrassed, is fully aware of her beauty.

The picture echoes the Sleeping Venus by Giorgione, which is stored in the Dresden Art Gallery, but Titian has more sensuality in the guise of a goddess. However, this sensuality is deceiving. The place of action, the artist chose a room where everything breathes the comfort of a strong house: in the background, the maid is looking for something in the chest, and the other looks at her in anticipation. On the window there is a myrtle - a symbol of marriage, on the bed are white sheets and white pillows are thrown, talking about the cleanliness of the woman lying on them, at whose feet a dog curled up, symbolizing devotion. Thus, the hidden meaning of the picture must be understood as conjugal love.

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