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Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Hallett (Morning Walk) - Thomas Gainsborough

Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Hallett (Morning Walk) - Thomas Gainsborough

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Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Hallett (Morning Walk) - Thomas Gainsborough. 2З6,2х179,1

The picture shows an elegant young couple walking along a road along the forest, and their faithful dog. William Hallett and Elizabeth Stephen, that's the name of the heroes, 21 years old, and they intend to get married. The portrait was painted shortly before the wedding, in the summer of 1785.

The canvas combines both talents of the artist - a portrait painter and a landscape painter. Wealthy lovers are depicted against the backdrop of a natural landscape. The gentleman and the lady are dressed in the best, although not very practical for a walk suits, their appearance indicates a high social status.

Costumes of models and the manner of holding are characteristic of many future Gainsborough portraits (1727-1788) and are a certain feature of the genre of portraiture, popular in the 18th century, the so-called conversation piece (from English - “conversation”) - a picture depicting a group of people, as a rule, family members, for some ordinary activities. The National Gallery houses a number of Gainsborough paintings in this genre.

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