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Madame Tussauds in London

Madame Tussauds in London

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At Madame Tussauds, which is located in London exhibited more than 400 waxworks or portraits, as they are called museum staff. They are attracted by the opportunity to be close to the stars, which otherwise they would never have met. In this museum you can touch works of art! It is so popular that its branches have recently opened in the United States. In Madame Tussauds museums in New York and Las Vegas, you can see all the American stars. Its branches also appeared in Holland and Hong Kong. But the London Museum on Baker Street is their daddy, he is already over 2 centuries old, and over this period, 500 million have passed through his halls. This is more than the population of Australia and the USA combined. Museum visitors are met not by a portrait of a star, but by a small wax figure of an elderly woman, an amazing woman who founded this business.

Madame Tussauds She was an artist and lived in Europe more than 200 years ago. During the French Revolution, she was ordered to go to the cemetery and remove wax masks from the severed heads of members of the royal family. This eerie task helped her find the work of her life. She made so many wax figures that she drove them to show in various cities of Britain. Subsequently, her sons opened a permanent exhibition in London, in the building where the museum is still located.

But the museum is not always fun. IN "Horror chamber"You can see the villains, serial killers, executioners and their victims. This is a journey through a terrible and bloody history of 5 centuries. Such a room is only in the London Museum, and goes back to the bloody origins of its creation. In the time of Queen Victoria, this room was called the "separate room." Entering this secret room in the back of the building was only possible for a fee. This was done solely in order to protect the then sensitive ladies from all the horrors and blood that were waiting in a separate room. But times have changed. According to the statistics of the museum, which is led by its employees, this room is more popular with women, which is surprising. But perhaps this suggests that women have a tighter stomach than men.

The whole secret in the eerie atmosphere of this room, in its special effects. This is both sound and lighting, it is full of all sorts of special effects. It is very scary during the day, and you will not want to stay here for the night. At night, the museum becomes a completely different place, and at dawn it is again a museum.
At 7 a.m., work is in full swing in the museum. A team of workers tidies the exhibits after yesterday. In the museum there is a person who is responsible for the order of hairstyles of figures, there is a person in charge of costumes, etc. The museum has a wardrobe where duplicates of the clothes of the exhibits are stored, from buttons to costumes. It is understandable, because visitors often steal ring glasses, which are on exhibits, and other props.

Each portrait of Madame Tussauds costs about 50 thousand dollars. It takes half a year to complete one figure. Only 20 new figures are created per year.

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