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Market Wagon, Thomas Gainsborough, 1786

Market Wagon, Thomas Gainsborough, 1786

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Market carriage - Thomas Gainsborough. 184x153

Gainsborough's “first love” landscape, but this genre of painting did not generate income, so the artist had to paint many portraits. Be that as it may, he painted portraits for a living, landscapes for the soul.

A market cart loaded with groceries travels to the city. Although the genre scene is formally in front of the viewer, the picture, in the first place, is a landscape: it is dominated by a forest, road, and distance. This is one of the last landscapes of the artist. The work was first exhibited in 1786. By that time, the painter quarreled with the Royal Academy of Arts (since 1784 he was its founding member) and began to exhibit his works on his own, in a studio in London. It is noteworthy that the figure of the forester collecting brushwood, was, according to documents, written later the next year.

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