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“Girl with Shrimp”, William Hogarth - description of the painting

“Girl with Shrimp”, William Hogarth - description of the painting

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Shrimp Girl - William Hogarth. 63.5x52.5

Perhaps, the main creation of William Hogarth is stored in the National Gallery - a cycle of paintings “The Rise of the Hang”, which were unusually popular in their time and many times replicated by him in engravings. In this series, as in most of his works, the master acts as a moralist, exposing the morals of the era. Although subsequently Hogarth also painted socially less acute paintings, he entered the history of art, first of all, with the cycle mentioned.

“Girl with Shrimp” in the context of the artist’s entire work - like a diamond of realistic painting. This is the subtlest image of charm, sincerity, radiant temperament. It is a pity that the work remained unfinished! After the artist’s death, the painting remained in his house. The widow told the buyers who came: “Often you hear that he supposedly could not write human flesh. There you have flesh and blood! ” The fullness of a young life is the main impression of this canvas.

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