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“Skating outside the city walls”, Hendrik Averkamp - description of the painting

“Skating outside the city walls”, Hendrik Averkamp - description of the painting

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Skating outside the city walls - Hendrick Barents Avercamp. 58x89.8

Hendrick Barents, one of the largest Dutch painters of the Baroque era, went down in art history under the nickname Averkamp, ​​which means "dumb from Kampen", he was really deaf. There is a certain pattern: the absence of one of the senses in a person often exacerbates another. There is a known predisposition of the blind to music (the image in art and literature is a “blind musician”), the absence of hearing aggravates vision.

Averkamp's artistic style was largely formed under the influence of Peter Bruegel the Elder, but he created his own, more decorative style, and remained alien to the social problems of the great predecessor. The amazing subtlety of the picturesque palette and variety manifested themselves very clearly and vividly in the paintings of the early period of creativity, these were mainly winter landscapes and views.

All the artist’s works are characterized by a high horizon, allowing to depict a wide space. As a rule, it is a river, a pond or a canal, covered with ice, on which it is very crowded. It seems that the entire population of the city or village has come to skate, high spirits reign.

The art of Avercamp has not undergone dramatic changes, and from this work you can get a clear idea of ​​his style. The artist perfectly conveyed the elusively changing illumination of a winter day, its silvery color scheme, the cold transparency of the winter sky is felt. The smallest details, figures are painted by the master with thoroughness, testifying to the love of the depicted.

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