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Grand Canal: North East View of the Rialto Bridge, Canaletto

Grand Canal: North East View of the Rialto Bridge, Canaletto

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Grand Canal: North-east view of the Rialto-Antonio Canal (Canaletto) bridge. 146x234

A curious fact: the behavior of the lagoon, which is important for predicting the future of Venice, a city on the water, was studied by scientists with the help of ... picturesque evidence of Canaletto (1697-1768). The presented picture is one of these. The artist wrote the Grand Canal repeatedly, especially often in the 1720s. The perspective on all these canvases practically does not change: on the left is the Palazzo Papadopoli, the house of the Kuchchin family, which in another perspective is represented on the Veronese painting “Madonna of the Kuchchin family”, the “scenery” is always different. But what’s remarkable: the point from which it opens view of the Grand Canalquite high. It seems that the artist writes while on the bridge, but he is not in this place. The conclusion suggests itself that Canaletto wrote a lot from memory and conceived, in particular, the perspective view of his landscapes. This assumption will be even more convincing, if you recall many of his paintings in the genre of capriccio, that is, written entirely “from the head”, on which all kinds that seem real are fictitious.

In this picture, the Grand Canal looks casual: life is in full swing, many people are busy with boats doing their own thing. A completely different mood image of the same place will be written a decade later. The “Grand Canal Regatta,” held at the Royal Assembly of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, illustrates one of Venice's main festivals. It has a lot of boats, many participants and spectators, a riot of colors and the same accuracy in the transfer of architectural details.

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