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Adam and Eve, Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1531

Adam and Eve, Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1531

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Adam and Eve - Lucas Cranach the Elder. 170x70

Already in 1508-1510, Cranach developed an artistic scheme to embody the plot of temptation, which gave him, like other Renaissance artists, the opportunity to legally, without fear of condemnation from the Church, depict male and female figures naked.

The biblical account of how Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit. In Cranach, a tree is always an apple tree, although other painters can have it as a fig tree. The master created about 50 images of this plot, they are stored in galleries in London, Berlin, Prague, Antwerp. In the earlier versions, as well as in the Dresden version, only the biblical participants in the scene - Adam, Eve and the Serpent, later include animals created by God before man. However, compositionally, all these versions are similar: often the Tree divides the composition into two equal parts, and sometimes, as in this case, it is also two boards.

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