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Portrait of a Pinturicchio Boy

Portrait of a Pinturicchio Boy

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Portrait of a Boy - Bernardino Pinturicchio. 35x28

Bernardino di Betto Biagio (1454-1513) (nicknamed Pinturicchio) - a representative of the Umbrian school of the Renaissance, known as a master of monumental and decorative painting. He was attracted to the design of the Sistine Chapel, in which Michelangelo's grandiose work subsequently unfolded. Pinturicchio's frescoes are multi-figured, full of curious details, they are interesting to consider as scenes. The artist attached great importance to the landscape. Beautiful view and presented "Portrait of a boy".

Not so many easel works of Pinturicchio have reached us. “Portrait of a Boy” is one of the best works of the master. A clearly defined half-figure of the child appears against the background of a distant landscape. The hero’s face attracts attention - it is thoughtful and childishly serious, the inquiring look of clear eyes fixed on the viewer. The whole look of the model is spiritualized, and the landscape adds harmonious emotional overtones to this mood.

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