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"Girl with a shuttlecock", Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin - description of the painting

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Girl with a shuttlecock - Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin. 82x66

The poetry of everyday life, its one single moment - this is what the painting of Jean-Baptiste Chardin (1699-1779) rests on. The artist chose simple subjects and forced the viewer to look at his paintings for a long time, like this "Girl with a shuttlecock", where nothing seems to happen, just a gentle creature, ruddy and snub-nosed, froze with a shuttlecock and a racket in his hands. On the face of the heroine is a bewildered and sad expression, as if no one wants to make her a partnership or the game she does not succeed too. The impression is such that you can see how her lips tremble and her eyes are filled with tears. The experiences of almost a child respond in the viewer, who sees in this genre scene the beauty and complexity of life, expressed in small.

Regarding this picture, the fellow countryman of the artist, the French writer Stendhal, responded as follows: He stood and looked at them in the happy condition that could be ...

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