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Self-portrait at the age of 58, Anton Graf, 1794

Self-portrait at the age of 58, Anton Graf, 1794

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Self-portrait at the age of 58 - Anton Graf. 168x105

Anton Graf (1736-1813) is a great German portrait painter with Swiss roots. Naturally, many works fell into the Dresden Gallery. The textbook images of the figures of the German culture of the 18th century - Lessing, Herder, Schiller, Gluck, Khodovetsky, Kleist - are the works of Graf. His main work was a portrait of the Prussian king Frederick the Great. The master created more than two thousand works (most of them were preserved), mainly portraits, and mostly male ones. In them, he unusually accurately conveyed the appearance and character of his models, presented them in natural poses. Because the portraits of the Count are a reliable document of an era when there was no photograph, they give an adequate idea of ​​the personality of the portrait. All of the above fully applies to the presented self portrait.

In total, three self-portraits of the Count are stored in the Dresden Gallery - in addition to the two mentioned, there is also an image of the artist in old age.

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