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“An artist in a workshop”, Adrian van Ostade - description of the painting

“An artist in a workshop”, Adrian van Ostade - description of the painting

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The artist in the workshop is Adrian van Ostade. 38 x 35.5

Adrian van Ostade is a Dutch baroque artist. He studied with Frans Hals, later Rembrandt greatly influenced his creative style, but the talented Flemish genre writer Adrian Brauver had a special influence. So Ostade became a writer for the Dutch. The heroes of his paintings, as a rule, are ordinary people, hence the corresponding plots: scenes in the tavern (sometimes with brawls), tipsy brothers, musicians drunk (a whole gallery: violinist, flutist, piper, mugger, it’s amazing how many common people were able to play musical instruments, and especially on the violin).

On the presented canvas, the plot is decent. Some believe that this is a self-portrait of the painter. Be that as it may, the look of the workshop and the artist selflessly working in it evokes a good feeling: a spacious room, flooded with light from a beautifully barred window, a mess that can be considered creative ... Everything is done in warm harmonious colors. In a word, the picture creates a romantic mood, causes sadness in the old days and the state of complete immersion in creativity.

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