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Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary, Albrecht Durer

Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary, Albrecht Durer

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The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary - Albrecht Durer. The central panel - 109x43, side - 63x46

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) - the largest German painter and engraver, one of the greatest masters of Western European Renaissance art.

The presented picture refers to the early period of the artist. It depicts the long-suffering Virgin Mary, a sword pierces her heart (an allusion to the Gospel words of Luke: “And to you the weapon itself will pass the soul”). Seven sorrows were proclaimed a church holiday in 1432 by Cologne Cathedral in order to form a parallel with the then-existing festival of Seven Joys.

According to canon Dürer depicts the Seven Sorrows in the seven hallmarksframing the central image. The picture must be viewed from the top left brand down, horizontally (left to right), then the right vertical (bottom to top). Thus, seven gospel stories are presented: the representation of the Lord in the Temple (circumcision, that is, the first shedding of the blood of Christ), flight to Egypt, Christ, lost by His Mother (in the version of this story as a dispute with doctors), the way to Calvary (carrying the cross), nailing, crucifixion and mourning of Christ.

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