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Noon in the Tuileries Garden, Adolph Von Menzel

Noon in the Tuileries Garden, Adolph Von Menzel

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Noon in the Tuileries Garden - Adolf Von Menzel. 49x70

Adolf Menzel (1815-1905) - German artist, representative of the direction, which was called romantic historicism. At the same time, he is in a certain sense a paradoxical figure: the painter lived a long life - 90 years, which in itself embraces a large, full of change era.

But psychologically, his life seems even longer, because such works as “Concert At Sanssouci” (an episode from the life of King Prussia Frederick the Great) reproduce the atmosphere of royal life in the mid-18th century so truthfully and for certain that it takes some intellectual effort to understand that this was not written by an eyewitness of the event, but by an artist who lived a hundred years later. In other words, Menzel’s talent and skill create the impression of him as a person who belonged to a much longer historical perspective. In this context, the Dresden picture finds itself in a different chronological region - it testifies to the organic perception of the art style that was the latest in Menzel's time - impressionism. And looking at her, one cannot help but recall Edward Mans.

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