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“Entrance to the cemetery”, Caspar David Friedrich - description of the painting

“Entrance to the cemetery”, Caspar David Friedrich - description of the painting

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The entrance to the cemetery is Caspar David Friedrich. 143 x 110

Since the mid-1820s, the artist lived in isolation and loneliness, in fact, long before his death, he was forgotten by the audience. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century the master was appreciated.

In his later work, the motive of the cemetery begins to play an important role. The presented canvas was started in 1825, but remained unfinished. The majestic gate depicted on it is a picturesque reminiscence of the gate of Dresden Trinity Cemetery.

The image of the cemetery - one of the richest in psychological terms - causes many associations and makes you think. In the context of romantic culture, he, first of all, gives rise to thoughts and a feeling of melancholy, nagging anguish, a bitter awareness of the transience of everything earthly. Frederick (1774-1840) reinforces these moods by the fact that he depicts an already abandoned, forgotten cemetery. This look was given to him by the imagination of the artist, who will later be buried here. As always in romantic art, the nature is cloudy, even when the sky is cloudless, as in this case, the lighting is kind of ominous, infernal, forcing gloomy feelings.

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