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Museum of the Order of Liberation, France, Paris

Museum of the Order of Liberation, France, Paris

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Many tourists consider Paris the cultural capital, which is rich in its numerical galleries and major art museums. However, the sad fact is that tourists focus on the most popular cultural places, while forgetting that somewhere nearby, in a quiet street, is Museum of the Order of Liberation.

This museum is located in one of the historic buildings of the city - in the House of Disabled, which is located on a quiet boulevard de la Tour-Mobour. This is one of the few military museums that can boast of its unique exhibits. But the main task of this museum is, first of all, to remind all visitors about the past of this great country. After all, many simply neglect the history of their state, which is not entirely correct.

This museum was founded almost half a century ago; it has a very special, unique background. During the Second World War (namely, from November 17, 1940 to January 1946) existed Order of Liberation. All members of the Order of Liberation fought for the independence of France. 1,036 brave volunteers (lists of which are presented in the museum) fought for truth and independence. Their activities led to the expected result.

Tourists and indigenous Parisians can see in the museum over 4 thousand unique exhibitswhich are located in a room with a total area of ​​4 thousand square meters. There are six spacious halls and three galleries, in which a variety of ancient objects are presented. They are a whole story, both of the Order as a whole, and of each of the members of the fraternity individually. Military uniforms, weapons, flags and radio transmitters - all this can be seen in the museum.

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