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"Italy and Germany", Friedrich Overbeck - description of the painting

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Italy and Germany - Friedrich Overbeck. 95x105

Friedrich Overbeck is a German artist, leader of the Nazarenes (a group that got its name from the Jewish sect of the Nazarenes, famous for their righteousness).

The work presented is an original copy of the original, written in Rome between 1811 and 1828 and stored in Munich at the New Pinakothek. The impetus for writing a picture with this plot was another creation - an allegorical painting by a friend of Overbeck, also a “Nazarene", who died early (at 24 years old) Franz Pforrah "Sulamith and Mary."

But if Pforr divides the worlds of Sulamifi and Mary, then Overbek worlds Italy and Germany - in the image of allegorical female figures of these countries - in a sisterly unite. Women look at each other with confidence and tenderness. At the same time, some monumentality is inherent in each, symbolizing the equivalent roles of countries in the history of mankind. The gesture of the hands of both figures, the interlacing of their fingers is noteworthy. So expressively combining them was a special concern of the artist when he painted the canvas.

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