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National Maritime Museum of Paris, France

National Maritime Museum of Paris, France

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Like all other museums, National Maritime Museum of Paris It is located on the territory of the Chaillot Palace, on Trocadero Square, which can be found even by the most distant tourist.

It is very difficult to find a museum in Paris that would change its location as often as it often happened with Maritime Museum. For its short period of existence, exhibits from the museum were transported to several places. For example, from 1801 to 1827 it was located either in the Naval Ministry on the Place de la Concorde or in the apartments of the Emperor Napoleon in Trianon. After some time, by order of King Charles X, the long-known Maritime Museum was finally opened in the Louvre.

Today the museum is very popular and visited a lot. Now in the halls of the museum you can see 3,5 thousand various exhibits. And 500 exhibits are exclusively ship models. Here visitors will be able to see a copy of the famous Titanic ship. Also presented as models are the ship Normandy, the popular aircraft carrier Nimitz, and the battleship Missouri.

If you carefully examine the presented exhibits, you can very accurately observe the process of changing the appearance of ships and their technical characteristics. The museum also has submarine models, the history of which you can find.

Soleil Royal and La Real - The most valuable exhibits of the museum. The first exhibit is a model of the ship, at that time about 104 guns were installed on it. The second is a model of the admiral's galley. Also presented is an incredibly beautiful, with rich finishes, model of the battleship “Louis XV” which had 108 guns on board.

In the museum you can also find a large number of ethnographic exhibits, ancient maps that managed to survive, and practically do not lose their original appearance, marine instruments that were used many years ago, cannons that were on the ship, various flags, with emblems, and also paintings that are exclusively devoted to marine subjects.

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