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Museum of Arts and Crafts, Paris, France

Museum of Arts and Crafts, Paris, France

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Today, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, which is located in Paris, is rightfully considered the oldest museum in Europe. The museum was first opened in 1794, and it is located in the old abbey monastery of Saint Martin de Champ.

Museum of Arts and Crafts presents exhibits in its exhibitions that illustrate the history of engineering and technology. Some visitors who come to this museum on an excursion expect to see picturesque sculptures and statues, but after visiting they are a little upset, because there are exhibits of human engineering genius, and this can only be attributed to art, the skill that the engineer possessed.

Many years ago, the building in which the museum was now a monastery, but the government decided to pick it up for its state needs. In the temple they decided to make a museum, and place everything engineering inventions and technical innovations of that time, in order to convey to people the fact that the world of technology is developing rapidly, and those copies that are presented are already considered antiques. After some time of the museum’s existence, several small buildings were added to the building, in which exhibits of technology are still presented, for example, the calculating and algebraic machine of the great mathematician Pascal or parts from one of the Shuttle’s American spaceships and many other interesting things.

In the museum you can see various wonders that were created by people, these are: the first counting machines, microscopes, telephones, telegraphs, film projectors, a paper machine, a water clock, and much more, which is certainly worth a look.

The real highlight and pride of the museum today is collection of locomobiles and cars. Cars are installed in such a way that people who understand the intricacies of technology can appreciate the work of an engineer. In addition to all famous cars, the museum can show aeromobiles and even the steam airplane of engineer Clement Ader, which hangs on the ceiling. The museum’s greatest pride is world's first self-propelled crew with a heat engine, creation of engineer Nicola-Joseph Cugno.

The museum also presents various samples of materials that are very common in everyday life today: glass, plastic, aluminum, a variety of fabrics, which over the centuries have helped people to create the necessary equipment.

Each exhibit in the museum is signed, and you can find out brief information about it. In a word, the museum was created for technology lovers who will not be bored during the tour.

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