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National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France

National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France

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National Museum of Natural History in Paris It is a huge complex with a large number of institutions located not only in the capital of France, but also beyond.

The complex includes several zoos, a Paris plant garden, an arboretum and botanical gardens, a marine biostation, an evolution gallery and an environmental laboratory in the city of Brunoy.

A distinctive feature of the museum is a reflection in the expositions of a person’s interest in his relationship with the environment. This is not only an exhibition and educational activity, but also a scientific one 1800 employees, 500 of them are scientists and researchers. The Museum of History in the 17th century since the foundation of the Royal Botanic Garden, which has preserved all the unique trees and plants to our time and is one of the branches of the complex.

Interesting and vibrant expositions are presented in Gallery of Evolutionrepresented by three departments. The first tells about the diversity of life forms on our planet, the second about the problems of evolution, and the third about the methods of human influence on nature. This is the most beautiful exhibition in the National Museum with believable models of rhinos, elephants, giraffes, hippos, etc.

Thanks to modern technology, visitors can learn all the details about the representatives of the fauna. The collection of minerals, precious stones and minerals is unique and presented in the form of giant crystals resembling flowers.

Museum of Man is the youngest compared to the rest and it opened in 1937. Today, it is undergoing reconstruction, and the museum expects extensive expositions that will tell about the course of human history.

Paris is not only a political and economic center, but a center of culture and science presented National Museum of History.

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