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Landscape with the Penitent Mary Magdalene, Claude Lorren

Landscape with the Penitent Mary Magdalene, Claude Lorren

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Landscape with the penitent Mary Magdalene - Claude Lorren. 162x241

Claude Lorrain (1600-1682) - the famous French landscape painter, painter and engraver of the XVII century, one of the founders of European classicism. The real name of the artist is Claude Jelly.

"The landscape of the penitent Mary Magdalene" is a great example of a creative wizard quest. In the canvases of Lorren, traditional landscape motifs acquire unique beauty and originality.

In this work, as in most others, compositional construction is based on techniques typical of classicism. The artist uses backstage - trees located in the right and left parts of the composition, which gives her symmetry; in the central part a view of the endless plains opens, which at the very horizon are closed by the silhouette of mountains melting in the haze. In the foreground is Mary. Kneeling before the crucifixion, she turns to God with her repentance. Her figure, somewhat offset from the center, is illuminated by a dim light, which brings some theatricality intonations to the canvas.

The artist idealizes the landscape, showing the perfect nature, uses naturalistic accuracy and poetic spirituality, which allows him to achieve maximum harmony and expressiveness.

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