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Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Andrea Mantegna

Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Andrea Mantegna

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Assumption of the Virgin Mary - Andrea Mantegna. 42x54

A representative of the Padua school of painting, Mamtenha (circa 1431-1506) wrote in a harsh and harsh manner, atypical for the classics of the Italian Renaissance.

the Virgin Mary It rests on a bed covered with bright red velvet, against the backdrop of a peaceful landscape, which opens behind a high window in the wall. The apostles smoke incense and sing funeral chants. There are only eleven, since St. Thomas is absent, who, according to one of the apocrypha, did not have time to burial. The iconographic canon is observed only formally. Nimbuses - symbols of the radiance of holiness - are represented by discs attached to the heads, which rotate when the bodies move. This plastic solution in the depiction of almost frozen figures of the apostles and a laconic perspective are proof of the artist's careful study of the laws of geometry.

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