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Do Not Touch Me (Noli me tangere), Magdalene - Correggio

Do Not Touch Me (Noli me tangere), Magdalene - Correggio

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Noli me tangere - Correggio. 130x103

Antonio Allegri (circa 1489 - circa 1534), a painter of the High Renaissance period, received his nickname by birthplace and work in the Italian city of Correggio.

The master accurately conveyed the trembling atmosphere of the moment of recognizing Christ: Mary Magdalene reaches for Jesus, kneeling before him. Christ's gesture illustrates His words: "Do not touch me" ("Noli me tangere" - lat.). He gently removes the woman. The drama, enhanced by the cold color scheme, is read in the overlapping looks of the characters.

The influence of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael was manifested in the canvas by the immersion of figures in a floral background and the diagonal construction of the composition. In turn, the landscape painter achieved an unusually naturalistic image. The viewer seems to feel the life-giving coolness of the morning, the juicy density of a verdant grove, the gentle warmth of the dawn illuminated the sky.

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