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Portrait of Maria Tudor, Anthony More (Moro) van Daschorst, 1554

Portrait of Maria Tudor, Anthony More (Moro) van Daschorst, 1554

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Portrait of Maria Tudor - Anthony More (Moro) van Daskhorst. 109x84

Antonis More van Daschorst (between 1517 and 1519-1576 or 1577) is a 16th-century Dutch portrait painter who worked in the courts of Spain, Italy and England. The master entered the history of European art as the creator of a new type of ceremonial aristocratic portrait, which was widely used.

"Portrait of Maria Tudor" - the most famous work of the master, considered a masterpiece of portraiture. The Queen of England (ascended the throne in 1553) is depicted sitting in an armchair upholstered in luxurious red velvet. Her pose is static, which gives the picture ceremonial solemnity. The artist impartially captured the appearance of a young model, trying to reveal the character of the ruler. In her right hand, Maria Tudor holds a red rose - the heraldic sign of her family, in her left - gloves decorated with precious stones. The avaricious color, the precise elaboration of jewelry, the tense pose of the queen convey the incredible firmness, strength and authority of her character.

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