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Self-portrait in a red cloak, Oryol - description

Self-portrait in a red cloak, Oryol - description

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Self portrait in a red cloak - Alexander Osipovich Orlovsky. 40.5x51.3

The image created by the remarkable Russian artist A. Orlovsky, a participant in the Polish uprising in Self-Portrait, is an ideal personality of the romantic era: a person overwhelmed by passions, whose thoughts and imagination create a new world. The creator, whether it be a poet or an artist endowed with a special gift from above to see and feel, is hidden from others, was perceived akin to the Demiurge.

A free independent person, a true hero of his time - this is how the author of this drawing appears. The disobedient gaze from under frowning eyebrows, dark curls that do not want to obediently lie on his head - the entire appearance of the artist gives out a fighter in him.

The rebellious spirit was peculiar to romanticism, lay in its very philosophy. The violent temperament of the author was reflected in the manner of writing the portrait, in the character of the strokes - juicy and sweeping. The work makes an impression at one time created improvisation, lively and expressive.

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