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Portrait of Count F.V. Rostopchin, O. A. Kiprensky, 1809

Portrait of Count F.V. Rostopchin, O. A. Kiprensky, 1809

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Portrait of Count F. 61.3x75.8

Count Fedor Vasilievich Rostopchin was the patron of Kiprensky. After the Russian troops left the city, a fire broke out in Moscow, in which the French and many Russians blamed Rostopchin, although he himself did not admit to arson. When the French left the devastated city, the Count made a lot of efforts to restore it, but the Muscovites were already opposed to it. This forced the count in 1814 to leave Russia.

Kiprensky portrayed Rostopchin in the tradition of a chamber portrait of the 18th century. He presents to the viewer not the external surroundings of the model, but the wealth of his inner world. Nothing indicates the high social status of the count. Before us is a secular man of noble appearance, lost in thought (in the 1800s, during the creation of the portrait, Count Rostopchin was engaged in literary activity). The portrait is strict, not full of details. The main emphasis in it is placed on the face of the hero - an open, calm, revealing a natural mind and prudence.

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