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National Picture Gallery of Bologna

National Picture Gallery of Bologna

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Bologna Art Gallery possesses the best exhibits and paintings of the best Italian masters. After the gallery opened, her collection was very modest, there were few paintings and exhibits, but thanks to patrons the museum expanded and enriched with new paintings of art. Today, the museum's collection contains more than 2000 masterpieces of Western European painting of the 12th – 20th centuries. The museum presents paintings by all famous artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Titian, Vermeer, Rubens and others.

National Picture Gallery includes 29 large halls. In the halls are presented and exhibited for a general viewing of the work of both artists of the early period and representatives of mannerism. The museum also presents works by the famous Carracci family and the Baroque period, XIII century. Bologna presents paintings of the Commune, which consists of 18 large halls. The gallery occupies two floors of the Palace of the Commune, in which in addition to paintings you can see antique furniture of antiquity.

Italy has always been famous for its famous artists, which is why the gallery can provide such famous paintings as: “Ecstasy of Santa Cecilia” by Raphael, and “Samson the Winner” by Reni and many other works of the most famous artists around the world.

The museum is open every day, so art lovers can easily visit the gallery and enjoy its exhibits. In the National Gallery you can not only watch the paintings of artists, but also try to draw a picture yourself in the workshops that are located at the museum. Also in the museum you can drink wine, listen to live music and watch interesting films.

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