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Saint Sebastian, Andrea Mantegna

Saint Sebastian, Andrea Mantegna

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Saint Sebastian - Andrea Mantegna. 257x142

Saint Sebastian - A popular image in the visual arts, which many artists turned to, painting a cruel episode of his martyrdom - suffering from arrows fired at him. Saint Sebastian secretly professed Christianity in the 3rd-4th centuries. Upon learning of this, Emperor Diocletian sentenced him to death. However, the wounds inflicted on the saint did not become fatal. His wife secretly left him, and he, not wanting to escape from Rome, appeared before Diocletian wonderfully saved. The emperor again ordered the execution of the saint.

In the painting “Saint Sebastian” by Andrea Mantegna, painter and engraver of the Early Renaissance, the saint is tied to a fragment of an ancient column, the lower part of his body is dotted with arrows. The column, as part of the ruined ancient temple, symbolizes the world of paganism, which was slowly clinging to oblivion, for which the emperor held so tightly and whose sacrifice fell St. Sebastian. Near the feet of the unfortunate young man, a marble fragment of the crashed statue, which once stood in this place and glorified the Greco-Roman gods, was preserved.

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