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The Oath of Horace, Jacques-Louis David, 1784

The Oath of Horace, Jacques-Louis David, 1784

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The Oath of Horace - Jacques-Louis David. 330x425

At the heart of this famous composition of the French classicist Jacques Louis David (1748-1825) is the story of how three brothers from the Roman family of Horace swear defeat or die in the battle with the three best warriors of the city of Alba Long, the enemy of Rome.

The brothers swear, the father, blessing them on the feat of arms, hands them swords. The art of classicism placed civic duty above personal happiness, so the wailing of women cannot shake the determination of Horatiev.

CITIES AND CURIATIONS. Two warring patrician clans, the Romans Horatius and Curiazius from the Italian city of Alba Long, had three sons, equal in age and strength. Their rulers, wanting to put an end to the war between the two cities, suggested that the brothers, as representatives of these cities, enter into a duel with each other and swear that the defeated side would peacefully submit to the victor. In this fight, the first success went to the Curation, who, although they were wounded, killed two Horatius brothers. The surviving Roman outwitted his opponents and defeated them. Having fled, he carried with him in pursuit of enemies, each of whom fought in turn, as they fled at different speeds.

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