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Pont du Gard. Roman Aqueduct Across the Gar River - Hubert Robert

Pont du Gard. Roman Aqueduct Across the Gar River - Hubert Robert

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Pont du Gard. 242x242

Hubert Robert (1733-1808), a famous landscape painter, created works in a romantic style, in which there were ruins of once majestic buildings. The artist spent eleven years in Italy, studying and sketching ancient structures. Subsequently, he transferred them to his canvases surrounded by an idealized landscape. Some of the ruins in the paintings are real, others are the fruit of his rich imagination.

Robert, effectively combining natural views and architectural buildings in his compositions, in the 1760s was engaged in the planning of royal gardens and interior design of residences.

Landscape overlooking the antique aqueduct Pont du gard intended to decorate the king’s private premises in the castle of Fontainebleau. Against the backdrop of the enormous creation of the Romans, the artist portrayed people engaged in daily affairs on the banks of the river. They habitually do not notice the ancient aqueduct and do not think about the centuries-old history of this huge bridge.

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