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“The Apparition of Christ Mary”, Juan de Flandes - description of the painting

“The Apparition of Christ Mary”, Juan de Flandes - description of the painting

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The Apparition of Christ Mary - Juan de Flandes. 63.5x68.1

Painting by the Spanish painter Juan de Flandes "The Apparition of Christ Mary" - part of the altar, which, in turn, is a copy from the original of the Dutch artist Rogier van der Weyden. Flandes performed a work commissioned by Queen Isabella of Castile.

Van der Weyden was a student of Robert Kampen and inherited from him a love of rich color and the ability to create complex spatial compositions. Here, in a distant perspective, gospel events unfold. The foreground shows how Christ is the Mother of God, they stretch out their hands to each other, on the face of Mary - the sadness from the suffering experienced at the sight of the crucifixion of the Son, as well as humility and joy. In the distance, the miraculous event preceding this meeting is depicted - the scene of the Resurrection of Christ. Thus, the author presented a retrospective of the plot. The open architectural space in which the main action of the painting takes place recalls the new Church of Christ, and sculptural groups on subjects from the New Testament decorate the arch framing the composition.

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