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Aristotle in front of a bust of Homer, Rembrandt, 1653

Aristotle in front of a bust of Homer, Rembrandt, 1653

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Aristotle in front of a bust of Homer - Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn. 143.5x136.5

Rembrandt (1606-1669), despite the fact that he lived in Holland, did not quite fit into the tradition of her art and generally went beyond any limits. He created a work "Aristotle in front of a bust of Homer" in that period of life, when he was unrecognized at home, but became loved beyond its borders. Sicilian rich man and philanthropist Antonio Ruffo wished to decorate his art gallery depicting Aristotle, and Rembrandt wrote it.

The philosopher is dressed in an outfit of the 17th century - a shirt with magnificent sleeves and a vest, on his head - a velvet hat, on his chest - a silver chain with a medallion depicting his pupil, Alexander the Great. However, the chain that the rich Dutch wore at that time was visible much better than the locket. All together gives the impression that Aristotle is a contemporary of the artist and easily went to his studio. Moreover, the one pictured here bust of Homer - most likely the one who was in the house of Rembrandt and appeared in the inventory of property seized from him for debts.

Aristotle's figure floats out of the gloom. He leads an invisible conversation with another great philosopher, and on his face is such a deep thoughtfulness, which happens only with people who have touched the secrets of being. From bust of homer as if a radiance was coming out, illuminating his “interlocutor” and looking like the light of truth, dispelling darkness. “He was not exclusively a religious painter,” said the Belgian writer Emil Verharn about Rembrandt, “he was not a creator of fantastic dramas and picturesque dreams ... He was the personifier of the supernatural. Under his brush, the miracle seems truly accomplished, he invested so many deep, purely human feelings in him. ”

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