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The Toilet of Venus, Francois Boucher, 1751

The Toilet of Venus, Francois Boucher, 1751

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The toilet of Venus - Francois Boucher. 108,3x85,1

Francois Boucher (1703-1770) was a typical representative of the light, festive, highly decorative art of Rococo. The art of Antoine Watteau influenced his painting, but Bush was alien to the light sadness that shines in his paintings. We can say that Watteau gave the rococo spirit, and Bush - the flesh. The master’s canvases are sheer sensuality, but in the French manner: when love can take the form of a beautiful game.

«Venus Toilet"Was commissioned by the artist by her patroness, the favorite of Louis XV, Madame Pompadour, for her Chateau Bellevue near Paris. Madame Pompadour herself played a major role in the eponymous performance at the Theater of Versailles. On the canvas, Venus looks like a court lady of the XVIII century: she has a “porcelain” face with a languidly playful expression, gestures of a lovely cutesy woman, a characteristic hairstyle with naturally lying curls, and all of her, despite the splendor of her forms, looks like a doll. Cupids do not so much dress this charming coquette as play with her hair and jewelry. Doves, sacred birds curl near Venus, one of them is pressed to the goddess’s chest. The body of the beauty is written in rare and refined, but somewhat unnatural tones. Boucher did this consciously: he did not seek to imitate nature, explaining this by the fact that nature is imperfect.

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