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Saint Sebastian - Titian Vecellio

Saint Sebastian - Titian Vecellio

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Saint Sebastian - Titian Vecellio. 210x115.5

Most of the works of the great 16th-century Venetian artist Titian (1488 / 1490-1576), stored in the Hermitage, belong to the late period of the master’s work. Over the years, his talent did not fade, but acquired a new depth and perfection of performance.

"Saint Sebastian" - one of the best works of the painter. Titian Sebastian - a proud Christian martyr who, according to legend, was shot from a bow by order of the emperor Diocletian for refusing to worship pagan idols. Sebastian’s powerful body is the embodiment of strength and rebellion; his look does not express physical torment, but a proud challenge to tormentors. Titian achieved a unique effect of flickering color, not only using the color palette, but also using the texture of paints, the relief of the strokes. According to contemporaries, in recent years, Titian wrote not only with his brush, but also with his fingers, sculpted, creating from a combination of light, shadow and tonal transitions that vivid impression of the paintings that so delighted the audience.

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