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Portrait of the chambermaid of the Infanta Isabella, Rubens

Portrait of the chambermaid of the Infanta Isabella, Rubens

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Portrait of Chamberlain Infanta Isabella - Peter Paul Rubens. 64x48

Among the portraits of the great Flemish painter, this canvas occupies a special place. From the shimmering twilight a young woman of the 17th century looks in a black dress with a snow-white collar - a mill. The painting is executed in restrained colors, built on the elusive subtlest transitions of colors. Rubens' brush (1577-1640), usually widely and actively creating a form, here gently touches the portrait being created. In foxes, the girl’s greenish eyes slyly look at the viewer. Light hairs, knocked out of the hairstyle, rebelliously curl around the temples, forming a soft and glowing halo around the face. However, the skillfully written lips are tightly compressed, they are bound by the rules of etiquette, not a single extra word will fly out of them. The mistress of this angelic, barely noticeable smile knows how to keep palace secrets. This work is not ceremonial, it is emphasized chamber and simple in composition. The portrait of the girl is made according to the drawing, written from nature. There is an assumption that the facial features of the chambermaid are similar to the appearance of Rubens's early deceased daughter, Klara-Serena.

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