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“Glass of lemonade”, Gerard Terborch - description of the painting

“Glass of lemonade”, Gerard Terborch - description of the painting

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Glass of Lemonade - Gerard Terborch. 67x54

Probably, "Glass of lemonade" - This is the most famous painting of the largest master of Dutch genre painting Gerard Terborch. At that time, the works of artists were small and intended to decorate the apartments of wealthy citizens.

The everyday plot of the canvas, which can be called the “scene with the summary”, is directly related to reality, but it is played very delicately and subtly, without emphasis on an intimate theme. A smart girl and a young man are preparing lemonade; the girl holds a glass in her hand, while the young man, holding it with one hand, stirs the contents with the other.

However, the preparation of the drink is only an occasion for their intimacy, which is confirmed by the eloquent look of the young man and the slight embarrassment of the young person. The third person - the old woman, bending over the heroine - as if silently advises her to decide on something specific.

Terborch was able to masterfully write overflows of silk and satin, gold embroidery in the decoration of dresses, which contributed to his popularity among wealthy burghers.

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