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Still life with attributes of art, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Still life with attributes of art, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

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Still life with attributes of art - Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin. 112x140.5

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin is a French artist who wrote still lifes and genre scenes in which he praised the everyday home life of the townspeople, conveying it in a calm, realistic manner. The master’s still lifes are closely connected with the person, because he is the master of the things depicted, and his presence is felt in every subject.

This is one of the best allegorical still lifes. Empress Catherine II ordered Chardin to perform a desuport (a door painting panel) for the conference hall of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg.

The painting depicts the artist's table on which things are scattered - the attributes of art. In the center of the composition is a statuette of the god of Mercury by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, it symbolizes the sculpture. The art of painting is represented by a palette and a box for paints, architecture - by scrolls of drawings and more readily. The Order of the Cross, coins and medals are awards that the artist was awarded as a result of his work. All the objects Chardin painted exclusively from nature, the figure of Mercury really belonged to him, like the jug, which can be found on other canvases. Books, probably also the author, their presence in a still life as it hints that the artist should be an educated person.

Chardin's art perfectly reflects the ideals of the Enlightenment.

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