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Combing Woman (Woman at the Toilet) - E. Degas

Combing Woman (Woman at the Toilet) - E. Degas

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The combing woman is Edgar Degas. 54x52.5

Edgar Degas is one of the representatives of French impressionism in painting and graphics. Favorite topics of the artist, in which he is very recognizable, were running, racing, the life of ballerinas during rehearsals and performances, women washing their faces, and singers from cafesanthans. Through these heroes, Degas solved his artistic tasks: quick change of movement, a difficult angle and a turn of the silhouette, and also used the pastel technique in a new way.

The Hermitage has one of the master’s best “pastel” works - “Woman combing hair” or “Woman behind the toilet”. A young girl sitting in a difficult pose is depicted from the back. Thin body modeling, a smooth, fluid silhouette line and pure light color of the picture captivate the viewer. Degas used the finest nuances of a plain, smoothly shaded pastel, then gradually enriched them with other shades and transitions, and at the end he introduced bright color touches that emphasize one form or another.

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