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Figures in a spring landscape (Sacred Grove), Maurice Denis, 1897

Figures in a spring landscape (Sacred Grove), Maurice Denis, 1897

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Figures in a spring landscape (Sacred Grove) - Maurice Denis. 156.5x178.5

French Symbolist Artist Maurice Denis (1870-1943), along with P. Vuillard, was the founder of the Nabis (Prophets) group and its main theorist.

On the advice of Alexander Benois, this painting was bought by Peter Schukin for a personal collection of art. On the presented canvas, Denis captured three young maidens in a transparent spring forest. Two of them threw off their clothes and collect bouquets, the third is still dressed in a white dress. Similar images of young women in the grove were associated with the theme of spring, awakening after the winter of nature, the future flowering and love. The works of the Symbolists cannot be interpreted unambiguously. Perhaps the girls are the three graces that embody Beauty, Love and Pleasure. Denis was characterized by admiration for a woman, in his paintings they even look naked chaste and idealized. A similar approach to the depiction of female images served as the basis for comparing the artist’s paintings with frescoes by Fra Angelico. The painter’s painting is characterized by simple forms, soft lines and smooth colorful tints of pink and blue tones.

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