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Portrait of Metropolitan Anthony, A.A. Karelin, 1911

Portrait of Metropolitan Anthony, A.A. Karelin, 1911

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Portrait of Metropolitan Anthony - Andrei Andreyevich Karelin. 140x108.5

The first drawing skills, the basics of painting and photography Andrey Andreevich Karelin (1866-1928) received from his father, the world famous photographer, master of photography Andrei Osipovich Karelin. The artist’s creative heritage consists mainly of historical canvases and portraits.

Metropolitan Anthony captured by the artist in a chamber, home setting, only the Savior’s marble head in a crown of thorns standing in a corner on a column hints at the religious status of the model. With photographic accuracy, Karelin writes out the face and pensive eyes of the Metropolitan, carefully draws every hair of a gray beard. Secular and church awards - panagia, pectoral cross of the spiritual leader - testify to the recognition and respect of his affairs by the state and the church. Vladyka was distinguished by modesty and industriousness; he was a patient and unforgettable person, disposed to all the afflicted. His many spiritual books are known. The metropolitan also dealt with the description of manuscripts and early printed books of the Solovetsky Monastery.

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