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Portrait of Princess E.A. Lobanova-Rostovskaya, I.P. Argunov, 1754

Portrait of Princess E.A. Lobanova-Rostovskaya, I.P. Argunov, 1754

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Portrait of Princess E. 81.5x62.5

Ivan Petrovich Argunov (1727-1802) - a famous portrait painter of the second half of the XVIII century, until the end of his life remained serf under Count P. There are suggestions that the master of historical painting A. Losenko and the outstanding portrait painter F. S. Rokotov studied with Argunov.

In the portrait 21-year-old Princess Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Lobanova-Rostov appears before the viewer in a solemn guise. Naked shoulders and a neckline, carelessly thrown ermine mantle emphasize the beauty and youth of the model. As if wishing to demonstrate the splendor of her jewelry, the princess turns her head to the artist she loves. A lively facial expression, the sparkle of large brown eyes testify to the cheerful disposition of a young woman who has not lost, according to the memoirs of her contemporaries, with age. Features of the picturesque manner and an attempt to convey the pattern of the lace top of the dress give out in this work Argunov has not yet fully formed the master.

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