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Self-portrait with his wife, Andrei Matveevich Matveev, 1729

Self-portrait with his wife, Andrei Matveevich Matveev, 1729

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Self-portrait with his wife - Andrei Matveevich Matveev. 75.5x90.5

Andrey Matveevich Matveev (1701 / 1704-1739) - a unique master of the first third of the XVIII century, who belonged to the galaxy of the first students of Western European masters. It is curious to note that the picture "Self-portrait with his wife" - in fact, the first and only example of this genre of this era. Self-portrait as a way of self-knowledge is the stage of development of portraiture, which will only be distributed in the second half of the 19th century. Portraying himself with his wife, Matveev does not set himself the task of psychological analysis; in the pair portrait one feels a desire to declare oneself as a person, to indicate the artist’s place in Peter's time of radical reforms and military victories.

Master with his wife captured during a walk, which is indicated by nature in the background of the waist image. The touching charm of the faces reads the painter’s attempt to perpetuate his family idyll and the happiness of mutual love in the canvas. The painting did not leave the walls of the artist’s house until his death.

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