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Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England

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Victoria and Albert Museum, founded in 1852, is the largest museum of its kind, which presents unique collections of decorative, applied and visual art. England is justly proud of such a museum complex.

All museums in England can not be compared in scale with it. The dimensions inspire - as if all British greatness hangs over you several floors. The diamond art department is striking in its size and number of bizarre silver, gold vessels and other treasures.

“Embrace the immense” - the meaning of this phrase is fully understood, being here. Furniture, costumes, jewelry, paintings - a glimpse only glimpses all this diversity. Old manuscripts, fancy and luxurious pieces of furniture, mirrors, clothes of London fashionistas from past centuries, stylish dandies ... It’s just breathtaking! Then we are met by skeletons of dinosaurs. Horror! And here is the traditional English pasture with cute dogs, pigs, horses and lambs. Further, conceivable and inconceivable forms embodied in sculptural painting. "Digest" everything you see is unrealistic in one fell swoop, but it's worth it!

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