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Coleport Museum of China

Coleport Museum of China

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Already at the entrance to the territory Coleport Museum of ChinaIts impressive architecture is impressive. The exhibits themselves are located in the shops and furnaces of the same factory.

The condition in which the furnaces were preserved and the workshops are amazing. It seems that they are no more than ten years old. Fifteen-meter cone-shaped barrels are adjacent to fragile porcelain exhibits. The collection of porcelain cups collected in this museum clearly demonstrates the evolution of the change in the shape of cups, from its initial appearance to the already modern familiar to us.

An interesting fact is that even for people who are not sighted, special signs with a description of the exhibits hang. That allows even a blind person to feel the beauty of porcelain masterpieces. Perhaps, after visiting this museum, it is precisely a blind person who will have images of new porcelain masterpieces of the future.

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